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The Traffic Light Clock


The “Traffic Light Clock” shows when which foods can be eaten at what time of day.

Traffic Light Clock

Green circle: Foods may be consumed all day, contains  fruits, vegetables,

Light green circle:  may be eaten all day, contains protein like fish, meat, milk,  eggs, etc.

Yellow circle: should be greatly reduced from 5pm, “good carbohydrates”,  like pasta, bread, rice, etc. They provide the brain with energy, ample of these foods should be eaten in the morning, from noon they should be reduced. Otherwise the body only deals with there burning instead of burning the fat.

Red circle: shouldn’t be eaten after 5pm at all. Red stands for “bad carbohydrates” like biscuits, cakes, chocolate, white bread with jam, sweetened drinks. Eating these foods our body stops fat burning instantly and transfer excess fat to the depots.

Nuts: are top protein suppliers. Since they contain a lot of fat, you should not eat carbohydrates for three hours before and after nuts consumption. The body otherwise would store the fat of the nuts.

Legumes: Beans, peas, and lentils provide plenty of protein for the muscles as well but also more carbs than are conducive to nightly fat burning. Therefore they should – like fruits – be eaten only in small quantities, starting from 5 pm.

Fruits: have (albeit little) carbs. Therefore only little of it should be eaten after 5 pm, because the fructose slows down the burning of fat at night. In the case of nocturnal sweet-craving, they are more beneficial than fruit gum.

The “Traffic Light Clock” used in combination with the “Principle of OptimiX” is the nutritional part of my programme.

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