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The Power of Your Dreams – The WHAT IS….. technique

Ute Klingler - Thursday , den 16. January 2014 um 4:14 pm

You dreamed of a cat and got no idea why this animal arrived as a dream picture. You do not have any relation to cats or any pets in your life at all. As a fact you do not like them much. There are all sorts of interpretations that can be made – a cat […]

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Dreams – Pictures of my Soul

Ute Klingler - Sunday , den 10. April 2011 um 6:48 pm

Dreams are one of the biggest mysteries of nature. They are no definitions to characterize them, nor do they have any definite identity. In any case, in dreams the sum of all the pictures, feelings and perceptions we have collected in our life are rearranged. Because of this, sometimes unreal images are created, which might […]

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