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Weight loss starter session

Easy Switch-Weight Loss Without Sacrifice
Make This Mirror Reflection Smile At You

Is that really possible?  Can I lose weight without sacrificing my favourite foods, even if I love eating chocolate?

Yes, you can!

Sustainable Weight Management has to include four parts, which are equally important: 

  • Changing eating & activity habits. Sorry, no way around this. But in a way that you still enjoy food & never feel hungry & you love being active in your own way.
  • Stress management — The stress hormone cortisol sabotages your weight loss efforts. Learn to relax!
  • Solving underlying emotional issues with EFT (Meridian Tapping). Once subconscious reasons around your weight are resolved, habits can be changed and losing weight isn’t a big deal anymore. 

Now is the time to start your Journey by finding out what you really need to feel self-confident, attractive, and healthy. 

In an initial 90 minutes online session* I am going to help you to create your personal plan to start your weight loss journey.

Costs: €65

Get started and book an appointment now.

Do you want more information? Check my main website, write an email or give me a call.

* for online sessions you need either WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom

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