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OptiMix – Optimized Mixed Diet

Ute Klingler - Friday, the 24. January 2014 at 4:46 pm

The optimized mixed diet was developed originally for the child nutrion. This concept fulfills both scientific and practical criteria. Thus, on one hand it ensures that the body is supplied with sufficient energy and nutrients, on the other hand, it is ideal to prevent diseases, which can develop from a poor diet.

For children a balanced diet is especially important. Because they need a lot of energy and nutrients relative to their body weight, to ensure healthy growth and development. OptiMix is also practical. It takes into account not only the usual eating habits – but also what children and young people like to eat. Therefore, the whole family benefits, because this diet is not only suitable for small children, school children and adolescents, but also for adults. Another important point is the fact that this diet uses normal everyday foods, so for this healthy diet no additional money must be spent, important because nowadays especially as families with children are often financially less privileged.

General principle: nothing is forbidden in this diet! Important is the correct mixture!

In OptiMix there are three simple rules for food selection, in accordance of the colours of the traffic lights:

OptiMix traffic lights21012014_0003

In OptiMix there are recommended and tolerated foods. Recommended foods have a high nutrient density. That means, these foods contain plenty of vitamins and minerals in relation to their energy content. This includes mainly fruits, vegetables, potatoes, cereal products, milk and milk products and meat. As for fats, vegetable fats are recommended. In OptiMix these foods provide all the required nutrients, but only about 90% of the required food energy (calories). The remaining 10% of energy can be taken from the so called tolerated foods, like sweets, cakes, marmalade and even nougat cream. Typical of these foods are a lot of energy but few vitamins and minerals, which means low nutrient density.

OptiMix provides a balanced diet. The largest part of the food energy (55%) is from carbohydrates, mainly of cereals, potatoes and fruit. Fat of predominantly vegetable origin, provides about 30% of food energy. The remaining 15%  comes from proteins and is one half each of animal (milk, meat, fish and eggs) and vegetable origin (cereals, potatoes). With this diet, we also get enough of all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Enriched foods as multivitamin juices for example, are superfluous in OptiMix. In fortified foods often a lot of sugar is hidden. Even so-called nutritioal supplements such as vitamin tablets are not necessary at OptiMix.

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