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EFT can help you to lose weight


Controlled studies, done in Australia, from Dr. Peta Stapleton on the possible effect of tapping on weight loss and food cravings shown exciting results. 89 women between 31 and 56 years old with a BMI qualifying them as being obese were tested. Over a time period of eight weeks, they completed approximately two hours of tapping per week (= around 15 minutes a day) without changing anything in their diet or exercising routine. They lost an average of 16 pounds during the eight weeks. The achieved weight loss seemed to last for six or more months afterward, even though most of the participants stopped tapping once the initial eight-week test period ended.

How is it possible that tapping leads to lasting weight loss? As described in the article “Stress prevents you from reaching your Weight Loss Goal” the fight-or-flight responds is triggered while feeling negative emotions or stress and large amounts of the hormone cortisol is released into our blood. Studies show that tapping on selected energy points decreases activity in the amygdala, as well as other parts of the brain associated with negative emotions and the amount of cortisol released into the blood is decreased as well. The connection between the frontal part of our brain, where the logical and rational thinking and finding solutions area is located and the mid-brain is disrupted during periods of high level of cortisol in the blood but is restored during tapping because of the reduction of cortisol.

The fight-or-flight response and consequently the cortisol release is also triggered when we experience stress around food. For instance, when you experience a craving for chocolate, you may be in the throes of a fight-or-flight response. Over years your brain might have been trained to respond to stress by grabbing a box of chocolate – well that is what you will probably do after a long day at work. Tapping quickly halts the fight-or-flight responds and lowers your cortisol levels and switches on the frontal part of your brain again, you are able to react to stress in this moment differently. You can even train your brain to react differently to stress so that the reaction for example craving chocolate in the evening after a hard day’s work is permanently altered. The situations or foods that once triggered to overeat simply lose their power from tapping. The result is you eat less, which supports your weight loss goal.

Try tapping whenever you feel sluggish and bad and want to feel better. The physical and emotional benefits from tapping are endless and weight loss is only one of the many beneficial results.

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