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Dreams – Pictures of my Soul

Ute Klingler - Sunday, the 10. April 2011 at 6:48 pm

Dreams are one of the biggest mysteries of nature. They are no definitions to characterize them, nor do they have any definite identity.

In any case, in dreams the sum of all the pictures, feelings and perceptions we have collected in our life are rearranged. Because of this, sometimes unreal images are created, which might be frightening from time to time. So dreams are absolutely individual.

Since the mid-twenieth century more and more people have showed interest in interpreting their own dreams, without the help of a psychotherapist. This trend began with C.G.Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, who proved that dreams are not only a cover for offensive suppressed desires, as Sigmund Freud thought. As a result it was no longer necessary to consult an unbiased interpreter to break the dreamer’s resistance to the truth.

There are many different views of dream interpretation. Universal is that the meaning of a dream cannot be found in any theory about dreams, but only in the dream itself.

In dream interpretation we should not ask  “which method is the right one, but when do I have to choose a specific method.”

There are three different kinds of knowledge from a dream:

  1. Knowledge of facts from the outside world, which have been recognized subconsciously during the day and which did not reach the level of awareness. The first question is always: Has my dream an objective truth? Is the dream reflecting  real information about current events, not only a subjective impression? This is called “The view beyond”. In waking life we sometimes miss things, which turn up in dreams.
  2. If   there is no trace of objective truth in a dream, you can use the socalled “image viewing method”, to find the dreamer’s view of life. In that case you can use the dream as a mirror, which shows reality distorted, but reflects the dreamer’s real attitude. This is called “looking into the mirror world”.
  3. Dreams that more around an inner state (e.g. a current conflict).  Are interpreted by the method “looking within”.

Dream interpretation helps us to understand:

  • How I see myself
  • How I see others
  • How I see the world
  • How I see my instincts
  • How I see my conflicts
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