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Basics of EFT Tapping


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and was founded by Garry Craig in the early 90s last century.

The background is Chinese Medicine, in which it is believed that there is energy (Qi) flowing through our body on certain pathways, the so called Meridians. When feeling pain or negative emotions the normal energy flow is disturbed or interrupted but can be restored by tapping on certain energy points (coming from acupuncture points) located on these meridians. Nowadays we know that while tapping on these energy points the release of certain chemical substances in the brain can be altered. For more information go to the article about stress and weight.

In this easy to learn method all you have to do for self treat is gently tap the energy points with your fingertips while thinking about the thing that is upsetting you. These Energy points are located mainly on your face and hands.

There are five simple steps you have to follow to succeed:

  • target the problem
  • rate your feelings
  • say an affirmation
  • follow the tapping sequence
  • take stock

Whether you want to get help on your weight loss journey, lose fear, anxiety, phobia, sadness, guilt, you want or overcome procrastination, addictive cravings, you want to improve your performance in sports, work and even sex, or you want to enhance physical well-being and relieve pain, EFT tapping is the tool to choose.

For more information please feel free to send an email to, check out the other articles about EFT and Stress and the available dates for webinars/workshops to learn this method.

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