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About me

MSc. Biology, Dip. Life Coach, EFT Practitioner

Member of the German Society for Health Education and Life Coaching

I was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After studying biology with an emphasis on zoology and human biology, I worked several years in a veterinary practice in my hometown Langen / Hessen.

After a few years on parental leave, I found my professional come-back in the Centre for Social Pediatrics in Frankfurt, where I was responsible for the neuro-physiological studies and practice organization.

In 2002 I started a two year training on Life Coaching at the social pedagogical college in Fulda. Upon recognition as a Life Coach in 2004, I was able to use the acquired skills in the Centre for Social Pediatrics. I advised children and their families on healthy eating, weight reduction, relaxation, exercise and fitness. In addition, I held courses in relaxation techniques and back fitness for a German health insurance and independent courses for school children to increase their ability to concentrate.

Since April 2009 I am living in the West of Ireland and would like to continue my work on health promotion and Life Coaching with an holistic approach.

In 2010 I completed the training as a qualified EFT Practitioner in Nenagh, Tipperary and have been using this tool in my daily work since then.

My passion: I am here to help you to find your own individual way of changing your life for the better.

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